Jay Z’s 4:44 Has A Release Date

Jay Z’s 4:44 Has A Release Date

Aiming to change the game again, today the word on the e-streets is that Jay Z’s 4:44 Has A Release Date. Over the past few weeks, the world has been wondering exactly what 4:44 means with all sorts of explanations coming from all across the web. Well, soon enough we will all know what is in store as today the word is that the project is set to drop June 30 exclusively on TIDAL.

Posters have popped up in Hollywood that show Jay Z’s name along with the 4:44 release date, though it is still unclear what 4:44 means. Album rumors have been swirling since the 4:44 posters popped up in New York. Since then we have seen a trailer, which can be seen again below. Check out the clip and give us your thoughts on the 4:44 madness in the comments. Stay tuned for more from Jay Z and the 4:44 project coming soon.

Photo provided by TIDAL

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