Jay-Z Weighs in on Alton Sterling, Philando Castile While Keeping Things Positive in “Spiritual”

It seems Jay-Z and Beyonce have both had enough when it comes to the police brutality and injustice. They have both been actively involved whether it was Beyonce using the Super Bowl Halftime show as her platform or penning an open letter today in light of the recent events. Jay used his TIDAL platform to step out in front of the Mike Brown tragedy dropping one of the dopest freestyles during his B-Side show last year and has returned with a track entitled “Spiritual“.

There is a reason why Jigga is considered one of the greatest of all time and this new drop only adds to that legacy. In the past, our community has criticized artists for not being vocal when it came to social injustice matters like this but he has been consistent and if one of the best of all time can do it – why can’t others? After all, you’re literally using your words/voice everyday to speak on topics through a microphone why not toss a few of those rhymes and metaphors in a direction that helps build people vs. pockets.

Check it out below:

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