Jay Z and Roc Nation Stand Strong With NFL Partnership Amid Deal Controversy

Jay Z and Roc Nation Stand Strong With NFL Partnership Amid Deal Controversy

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The NFL and  Roc Nation joined forces to help the league smooth out tensions with social injustice issues and provide direction on creative projects and the NFL’s entertainment like the Super Bowl Halftime show. 

However, there is controversy amid the deal made with Roc Nation and the NFL because not too long ago, the NFL blackballed Colin Kaepernick for taking a stand against police brutality and has not been signed since then.

It has been 898 days since Colin Kaepernick has been denied work, and has sparked a movement nationwide to take a stand against police brutality. The movement started by Kaepernick inspired the deal between Roc Nation and the NFL, but what has Kaepernick gotten from it?

Jay-Z and the NFL have not consulted Kaepernick or has attempted to at least get him back on the field.  Jay-Z mentioned that the deal was not about Kaepernick getting a job. However, can Jay-Z really still stand with Kaepernick even though he still hasn’t been signed and is supporting an organization that was against the movement sparked by Kaepernick? 

Although the partnership seems like a promising project that would help smooth out tensions between players, the NFL, and social Injustice issues, many disagree with Jay-Z’s stance towards the deal. Is he a hypocrite for standing with Kaepernick, but partnering with the NFL? Is Jay-Z in it just for financial gain? Is Jay-Z doing it because he actually believes he can effect change with his partnership by also providing a platform where players will be able to voice their opinion? 

Jay-Z mentioned that as a nation we are passed “Kneeling” for social injustice issues because we know what the issue is, but he wants to put more emphasis on the creating solutions for social injustice and those affected by it. What do you think?

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