Jaxon Chronicles His Move to LA on New EP “WILDWEST”

“I found love in the desert of California”

Born in New Zealand and raised in Texas, singer Jaxon uses his EP “WILDWEST” to chronicle his journey west to LA. Mixing rock, R&B and soul, the 6 track project is slow riding, live instrumentation riddled work packed with energy. Taking inspiration from a mixtures of creatives, Jaxon can be heard as having the edge of Lenny Kravitz, the mystique of Miguel and the emotion of Drake.

Although the project is consistent throughout the EP hinges on the track “Smith & Wesson” where the singer finds his song-writing strength. Touching on police brutality he paints a picture of growing up in the ugly world surrounding us currently. “Mister, mister don’t point the gun at me,” he sings. “I have family waiting at home for me.”

Listen to the full project below and let us know what you think on Twitter @SwaysUniverse.

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