Jason Ritter talks swapping spit with Actresses, The pressures about being the son of comedic legend & Father: John Ritter

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

If you haven’t heard of the name “Jason Ritter” yet — the last name “Ritter” may ring a bell.

Sure enough, Jason Ritter is the son of late legend, John Ritter who starred in the original, “Three’s Company“. Later moving to the big screen in the infamous horror movie “It and “Problem Child” in 1990; and “Bad Santa” in 2003 — amongst many others.

Jason Ritter, has since carried the Ritter legacy in the independent film industry as he tries to promote his latest film titled, “Wild Canary.” He also goes back in time and shares some funny stories about his Father playing jokes with him and his brother in public — showing the true goofy side of John and also goes in depth with feeling a little pressured in the comedic realm, having to live under his Father’s hilarious footsteps.

Watch Jason Ritter’s funny interview with Sway, heather B and Tracy G:

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