Jason Ritter Discusses Researching Bank Robberies for Role in "7 Minutes," Changing His Voice to Play a 12-Year-Old Cartoon Character & Dealing with Critics and Reviews

Emmy nominated actor Jason Ritter has been doing a little bit of everything as of late, from plays to cartoon series’ to feature films, he joins Sway in the Morning to discuss his most recent work in “7 Minutes.”

Running through the plot line, Ritter discusses preparing for the role and the work he and the cast did to research bank robberies.  Hearing stories from the films director to getting advice from Kevin Gage who starred in the crime movie “Heat,” Ritter and his co-stars were well-prepared to make the heist more than convincing.

Talking through his other current endeavors, Ritter gives the crew a taste of the voice he uses to portray a 12-year-old cartoon character he plays.  Tracey and Heather try their luck at cartoon voices but we will leave the brunt of the work for Jason.

When it comes to critics, Ritter reveals that he reads a good amount of them and makes it a point to watch movies that get bad reviews so he can see for himself what went wrong.

Check out the full interview below and don’t forget to check out “7 Minutes” in theaters now!

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