Jason Freeny’s Dissected Figure Causes An Interesting Reply From KAWS

Art is a sensitive subject when it comes to stealing styles and the likes. Well recently Jason Freeny, known for his unique sculptures and more, caused a bit of a ruckus online by posting images of his latest creation. The design looks a lot like KAWS’ infamous Dissected Companion figure, though Freeny stated that his project is still in progress.

Upon posting the image, a comment from KAWS was left on the post stating: “You build a career off this figure, no need to mix our work together!” Freeny’s fans were quick to jump to his defense, but we’re curious to hear your thoughts. Take a look at the creation design and let us know what you think about it. Stay tuned for more on this coming very soon!

Something I've been working on in the background… #jasonfreeny

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