Jason Ellis Outlines Gruesome Injuries, Being a Terrible Liar & Pins Sway Against Sal Masekela for EllisMania Fight

Skateboarder turned entertainer turned daredevil Jason Ellis has been battered by various injuries throughout his career and has the stories to back them up.  Joining Sway in the Morning with no filter, Ellis speaks on some of his worse injuries and the incredible pain he went through while getting a giant tattoo on his head.

From motorcycle accidents to fighting 10 guys in a row at his annual EllisMania, Ellis holds nothing back while sharing his pain with the SITM crew.  Ellis also speaks on his kids being daredevils and wanting to be pro motocross racers.

Further explaining his EllisMania event, Ellis teases the idea of having Sway fight Sal Masekela due to them constantly confused for each other.  Check out the full interview below to hear Ellis coach Sway’s smack talk.

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