Jason Derulo Shares Stories of His Time With the First Lady In The White House + Working With Legends Stevie Wonder & J.Lo & How He is Dealing With His Newly Single Life

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

The man behind the sexiest hits out on the radio, Jason Derulo is back on his grind: Pun intended. Just Kidding.

All jokes aside — this sexy many speaks on his 7 months of recovery after breaking his neck, but still managed on being the top artist in the charts of 2014.

Jason Derulo begins his convo. by telling Heather B how much his family motivates him to push harder and work harder, and tells her that he even flies his Mother out to wherever he is when he needs to find strength.

With that being said, Jason knows very-well the amount of work it takes to have a committed relationship with someone and it’s a given that relationships are difficult. But Jason tells Sway that in regards to his songs, he uses his experiences in love to speak from the heart (specifically “Trade Hearts“),

Sometimes men don’t understand men and sometimes women don’t understand men. That’s a given. But the song talks about if we were to trade hearts; maybe I would understand why you lied to me…Maybe if we could trade hearts, we would understand each other and maybe things could have worked.

Take a listen to that track featuring Julia Michaels, below:

In contrast, Jason also talks about his newly single life and goes on to explain that he has recently found lust, but expresses his contentment in being single stating:

Sometimes you gotta kinda be by yourself for a moment so you could figure out what makes you tick. What do you like; what makes you happy. When you’re in a relationship you’re constantly trying to figure out what makes them happy … it’s important to learn how to love yourself first.

In his partnership with Sony/RCA — Jason tells Heather B that he wants to control his ow music, but is looking forward to restructuring his deal with Warner Bros. Having worked with J.Lo, , K.Michelle., Keith Urban and even stunts on the crew as he told Sway that Stevie Wonder had to check him as the legend told Jason:

Man, if I hear that song on the radio and I’m not on it, Imma whoop yo’ a*s!

He even goes on Sway In The Morning to retire his famous “Jason Derulo!” intro. with a caller, in-studio.

Watch this epic sit-down as he even shares stories about him and J.Lo dirty dancing with each other, in-studio to their Caribbean dance track together. Sway tried to one him up by telling Jason his dance story with J.Lo. Considering the fact that Jason is newly single, you’ll want to hear where this conversation goes! Peep the chat with Jason Derulo and the crew where he even shares stories about going into the bedrooms of The White House, below:

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