Jarren Benton Drops A Controversial, But Powerful New Video For “Anarchy” Featuring EarthGang

If you haven’t heard Jarren Benton’s song “Anarchy”, the lyrics itself is pretty controversial, but when you add a super badass video to the mix, it’s sure to have people talking in no time.


The video portrays Benton daydreaming about getting revenge on a cop that stopped him for no reason.  After taking the cop car, he decides to ride around getting back at any officer he sees in his path.  Unfortunately, EarthGang isn’t in the three-minute video, but their dope verse is still heard throughout the visual and heightens the energy of the song to a different level.


Jarren explained to HipHopDX: “At the end of the day it’s just art. It’s just good old Hollywood smoke & mirrors when Jarren Benton decides to kill cops in his videos. But it’s good old fashion reality when cops decide to kill black people on video”.

Make sure you head over to iTunes to get your copy of “Anarchy” and if you haven’t heard EarthGang’s album Strays With Rabies, I suggest you do so pronto. It might become one of your favorites.  Stream it down below.

Jarren Benton says Hopsin never retires from rap & does a lyrical breakdown of “Diamonds and Furs” on Sway in the Morning.

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