Jamie Hector Speaks on "Selma" and MLK, Starting Moving Mountains Inc + Live in Studio Theater

Best known for his work on the HBO series “The Wire,” Jamie Hector joins the Sway In The Morning studios to shed light on his Moving Mountains program which caters to the arts in a unique and life changing way.

Founded in 2007, Moving Mountains Inc came from Hector’s experience participating in a theater group during his time in high school.  Learning through acting and playing different instruments, Hector’s research for different roles led him to believe he could be a doctor, lawyer or whatever he put his mind to.  This eventually lead to him making his way into television and film.

Bringing along some incredible young talent from his Moving Mountains program we are blessed with some live theater in studio, don’t blink because these young stars will blow you away.  Watch the exclusive interview below and make sure to check out Moving Mountains Inc.

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