Jamie Foxx Tells Amazing Stories About Kanye, Chris Brown, Madonna, Drake, Oprah and Diddy

It seems like Jamie Foxx can do it all.  Act, sing, make people laugh and after listening to his exclusive interview with Sway his list of talents expands into throwing a house party for Drake with over 2,500 people.  The 47-year old Foxx is currently prepping for his next studio album, “Hollywood,” to roll out on May 18th, but before he speaks on the album we hear Foxx tell some amazing, hilarious stories about some of the games finest.

Originally throwing parties for rappers like Snoop in order for them to see that he could make music, Jamie Foxx outlines his deck parties and how the track “Slow Jamz” came about after meeting Kanye for the first time.  From Kanye to camera’s Foxx admits that he used to cary a video camera around in order to get into Diddy’s big parties.  Revealing that Diddy spent more than $1.5 million on a party in Philly, Foxx breaks out a hilarious rendition of Puff’s shoulder dance from the “Bad Boy For Life” video.  Other side-splitting impersonations include Snoop reacting to Suge Knight being let into a party and Sidney Poitier giving him advice prior to the Oscars.

The interview also includes Foxx’ account of watching Chris Brown grow as an individual since their first meeting when CB was only 15 and getting a phone call from Oprah before winning the Oscar for Best Actor in Ray.  Make sure to watch the full interview with Jamie Foxx to catch all the funny antics as well as some serious accounts of his early career.  Look out for “Hollywood” on May 18th and check out his latest single “You Changed Me” featuring Chris Brown.

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