A Soulful James Vickery Serves Chills in the Latest “A COLORS Show”

A Soulful James Vickery Serves Chills in the Latest “A COLORS Show”

By Maria-Karmina

There’s a meme that’s been going around on social media that states, “If it doesn’t feel like 90’s R&B, I don’t want it.” That’s because, on very few occasions does the music industry really come up in the R&B/Soul genre, nowadays.

As true as those words are, the following artist may be the one to bring back the feels of good old 90’s R&B. We’re talking about the feels of Ms. Hill and Maxwell. His name is James Vickery and he is a 22-year old singer/song-writer, who reigns from South London with slick vocals that will have you swooning over him. You may have heard him on Disclosure’s club banger “Flow,” but the following track doesn’t need any fancy beats or *untz-untz-untz* behind him.

The latest release of “A Color Show,” features this young stunner and it has gone viral throughout the internet. His sound is heavily influenced by Lauryn Hill, Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder — so it’s no wonder (pun intended) that the stamina in his vocal chords can carry a tune throughout this song titled, “Until Morning.”

The single which is lifted from his forthcoming EP, begins with his swaying voice for the first 6 seconds of the track, setting the tone of soul with each note. He begins by singing,

I could wash you down like a glass of wine.

And I don’t need to think anything twice.

The visuals are as simple as the production by Louis Mattrs, allowing to highlight the incredible voice of James Vickery. As an artist under the record label, Lemon Records, James is another one of London’s very talented group of new-comers who are set to make a stance in the mainstream music industry.

Having grown up the youngest of 4, in a 1-bedroom apartment with both of my grandparents, while my parents worked 2 jobs to keep just enough rice and sardine's on our table; I have essentially always been around a lot of noise and chaos most of my life. With that curse, it was accompanied by a blessing when I found that my only form of retreat for my thoughts was the type-writer & music in my ears. That passion and unconscious practice created my professional skills which eventually earned me a degree as a Broadcast Journalist. A dream I am determined to live out.

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