James Jean’s Massive New Mural Coming To Portland

The artistry and designs of street art are always evolving and becoming more accepted. Today the world-renowned artist, James Jean will soon take to the streets of Portland to reveal a brand new work of street art. Today we get a look at James Jean’s Massive Mural Coming To Portland, a stunning creation that is set to debut soon. The mural will take over all of the features of a six-story office building with ground-floor retail in Portland’s Industrial Eastside. The building finds two towers connected at each floor by sky bridges, which makes an interesting canvas for the artist to work.

The design will be hand-painted over all eight façades as well as the entire roof by local Portland artist Dan Cohen, with oversight from Jean. The art is inspired by traditional Chinese scroll painting, Japanese woodblock prints, and Renaissance portraiture. The piece finds a bold and colorful design that is set to be completed soon. Have a look at the renderings and let us know your thoughts.  While you’re at it, have a look at more from James Jean right now!

James Jean's Massive New Mural Coming To Portland

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