Some singer/songwriters have the uncanny ability to drop tracks without any notice, without any mentioned project attached to it and without regards for what “is currently the sound”. James Fauntleroy has been and continues to be one of those standout talents, always seemingly transparent on tracks giving you 100% of him…raw. After surprising fans with “Oblige” it quickly turned bittersweet hearing the motivation behind the track.

“This is for a project I’m working on called DOJO – you wouldn’t have heard this or even about the dojo for a very long time otherwise but I went through a bunch of songs and I really think Dom would’ve fd with this so f it. RIP and Peace to everybody living and fighting for art, life is so short. I lost 6 people in the last year and the world is so crazy none of us know how long it’ll be until the big one or the nuclear war or the biological conspiracy or trump or whatever so we really gotta live life and spread love while we can, just might affect the overall outcome. wont know til we try. Love yall man – listen to the words, get into this.”

Check it out below:

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