James Fauntleroy Creates Smooth Vibes On “Fuc Shi Tup”

James Fauntleroy is back with a single of his own called “Fuc Shi Tup”

If you’re not already familar with James’ work, you’ve probably heard something of his and didn’t even rEllis’s it.  His discography is so extensive, I don’t even know where to begin.  He’s written songs like “Superhuman” and “Take You Down” by Chris Brown; his vocals were on These Walls by Kendrick and LA by Ty Dolla $ign; and has produced more than you could imagine.  Let’s just say this man is phenomenal.

Even though, “Fuc Shi Tup” is only two minutes and some change, it still has the perfect amount of soft neo-funk expected from the Grammy winning artist.  Listen below.

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