Jake&Papa Turn Classic Master P Record into R&B Greatness with “Make ‘Em Say” featuring Jay 305

Yae, Yae with a southern flair thanks to a hint of classic Master P‘s “Make ‘Em Say UGH” being brought back to life as a R&B hit.

The duo Jake&Papa made impressive strides in 2015 and they’re really just getting you slowly acclimated to what’s coming this year and beyond. Not only did their ‘Sexual Warfare‘ project show just how much they’ve grown artistically but their incredible live performances on the #SwaveNation run with Tory Lanez exposed them to an entirely new fanbase that had no idea what they’ve been missing out on.

Starting the year off right with even higher quality, the duo linked up with Jay 305 and talented producer Ken Nana to put a unique touch on one of the most popular records of all-time. You’d think touching a record that contributed to 75 million sold would come with pressure but nah, nah..nah, nah. This is just what the brothers from that 818 do. Slight work, it just happens to be fire everytime. The slick talking confident delivery is more than worth a few listens, press play right about now:

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