Jake&Papa Show Once Again They’re Born to Be an “Entertainer”

*looks out the window* Now that the sun is setting and people are getting off work headed to see their other half or already there. Before the tv comes on (maybe after too), another form of entertainment may be more suited for the evening – courtesy of the brand new Jake&Papa “Entertainer” video.

“Lights, Camera, Action. We Ready”

Bringing that #SexualWarfare to the ears and homes of R&B fans is exactly what has pushed the 818 duo into the hearts of new fans all year. Whether belting out a live acapella or killing tours with Tory Lanez, the brothers have began to flex their versatility even more. Their latest full body of work validates it even more flipping tracks like “187” while still keeping it personal with “Starless”.

Make sure you check out ‘Sexual Warfare’ ASAP but for now, get back in the zone as Jake&Papa entertain the ladies with a new visual.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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