Jake&Papa Join Tory Lanez #SwaveNation Tour for Select Dates

Jake&Papa Join Tory Lanez #SwaveNation Tour for Select Dates

In what will be one of the most eye opening moments of this year, Jake&Papa will officially be joining Tory Lanez tour for select dates beginning this week. Why do we think these shows will shock fans and the world alike?

Tory Lanez has been a star ready to emerge onto the music scene for years now – whether it was penning for other artists, killing features from Meek Mill to G-Eazy or his constant flood of quality music. It has been a long time coming, the explosion behind the ever growing “Say It” gave him that much needed push to get people past the idea of OVO being the only talent in Toronto. When they start going back through his catalog his fan base is going to continue to grow exponentially, not to mention the energy he brings on stage – don’t be surprised if he decides to perform your favorite song(s) while crowd surfing the entire time.

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Flip the coin and you have Jake&Papa who really are the answer to people always complaining about “Real R&B” missing. It hasn’t gone anywhere, in fact it was just improved upon and evolved into two brothers from the 818 that managed to give you Zane like stories in ‘Athena’s Erotica‘ while still connecting with tempo on tracks like “Leave Me” featured on their latest project ‘Sexual Warfare‘.

Singers in studio are one thing, the true test is seeing/hearing them live and this is exactly why being added onto the #SwaveNation tour is going to wake a lot of people up when it comes to the talent they possess. Acapella. Ballads. Tempo. Their natural ability to perform combined with the gift of making each and every female fan feel as if “Jake&Papa are singing this to me” definitely serves as a recipe for success. Only thing left is to feed the people.

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Check out the dates below and get your tickets ASAP – you don’t want to miss this run.

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