Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Drug-Dealing Past + Marriage Secrets + Talks “Girl’s Trip” Movie

Jada Pinkett-Smith stopped by Sway In The Morning and spoke on everything from boycotting the Oscars to Tupac and selling drugs.

Smith pulled up to the studio to talk about her movie, Girls Trip, and we quickly discovered that she and her character are alike. When asked about how she does girls trips, she responded, “how wild is it gon get these days? I’m in bed by 8:00.”

On a more progressive tip, she revealed that she and The Academy are working together to educate less-fortunate black and brown neighborhoods about the industry. Their goal is to promote diversity in the film industry from the roots. Although Smith doesn’t feel the industry is where it needs to be, she does believe that it has improved in the short span of a year.

The Baltimore-native also went on to explain how important it is to mentor the youth who are new to fame. She recollects being in the same position and wishing she had someone around her to share guidance.

Towards the middle of the interview, Sway asks her about her relationship with Tupac Shakur and she disclosed that the origin of their connection was dealing drugs. “Pac and I’s relationship was about survival,” she explained. As she was separating herself from the streets, he was getting deeper into the game. She had hoped God would pay him the favor of saving him from the streets as well, but…we know the story.

She held back more key points of the story because she plans to write a book about it one day. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for it.

Check out the entire interview to hear her thoughts on Jay Z’s 4:44, the importance of guidance, and more.

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