Jack Osbourne Opens Up About Parents’ Divorce, “Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour” & Ignoring Stories About his Family in the News

Growing up in the infamous Osbourne household, Jack Osbourne’s childhood was broadcast for the world to see. Now 30-years-old he’s out promoting his new special on the History Channel titled “Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour.” Joining Sway in the Morning he fills the crew in on what’s been going down on the road.

From Mount Rushmore to the Alamo, Osbourne hilariously tells Sway why Ozzy had been banned in the city of San  Antonio for 25 years following some antics he pulled while on tour with Motley Crue having to do with urination. Grilled by Sway about his own public urination stories Jack jokes that he used to pee on the bar while ordering a drink.

It’s not all craziness on the road though, Jack opens up about spending quality time with his dad as an adult. He laughs at having to remind Ozzy to eat breakfast and wear the correct pair of socks.

A dad himself now, Jack speaks on his 4 and 1 year-old kids. Receiving some backlash in the media when his wife became pregnant with his first child he talks about blocking stories in the media out. With rumors of his parents getting a divorce he calmly tells Sway that they’re working on things. They’ve never had a perfect marriage and have never claimed to have one, he says.

Watch the full interview above and follow along with Jack Osbourne on Twitter @JackOsbourne.

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