J-Doe Penalizes the Fake in “Flag On The Play”

J-Doe is another impressive tale of perseverance and what happens when songwriting for others catapults you into the public eye as an artist yourself. The Busta Rhymes discovered rapper has penned for the talented Kelly Rowland, Ariana Grande and the ageless wonder J. Lo plus some.

As someone who has had a pleasure of working with some of the biggest names and contributing to our culture from a backseat view for years, his latest drop makes perfect sense. He has probably experienced a lot of “flash over substance” moments as a lot of artists love to stunt even when financially it doesn’t add up. J-Doe takes a few moments to address it in the funny but true video for “Flag on the Play”. The lighthearted, fun nature of the video serves the rap world an easy to digest jab with a message to swallow. Keep a look out for the full project ‘Welcome to my Fan Club too‘.

Check it out below and be sure to re-visit his last trip to Sway in the Morning afterwards.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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