J. Cole Releases New Singles “Lion King On Ice” and “The Climb Back”

J. Cole Releases New Singles “Lion King On Ice” and “The Climb Back”

Earlier this week J. Cole announced he would be releasing two new songs. “Lion King On Ice” and “The Climb Back” are the first singles off his long awaited album “The Fall Off.” This will Mark J. Cole’s sixth studio album and is the follow up to “KOD,” the album he released in 2018.

 Cole co produced “Lion King On Ice” and raps “Going Live but we not on the gram/ It’s the land of supply and demand/ All my young niggas chopping up grams/ And then chopped, won’t pry em from their hand/ packing lead like they exam.” Effortlessly he attacks the smooth and heavy 808 inspired beat. Supplying bars filled with substance that capturing his take of his neighborhood.

J. Cole produced “The Climb Back,” a soulful track he again easily glides over. “To the left of that decimal I need seven figures to play the joint/ turn up your decibels peep how a decimate a joint/ check out my projects like the workers that section 8 appoints/ And you’ll see how I flipped like exclamation points.” This song J. Cole shows he still one of the best, bar for bar. 

 J. Cole took to social media and released his artwork with the caption, “No date for the album yet, taking my time, still finishing,” 

Cole also noted that he did the production for “The Climb Back” and also co-produced “Lion King on Ice” with T-Minus and Jetsonmade, who described the latter track as something “different.”


Let me know your thoughts on the new singles.    

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