J. Cole Celebrates Birthday with ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive: Live’ Release

J. Cole Celebrates Birthday with ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive: Live’ Release

“If you believe in GOD, one thing’s for sure…if you don’t aim too high. Then you aim too low”. Cole World.

Carolina’s finest has been on a steady upwards trajectory since his introduction to the world flexing his now signature story telling ability on “Lights Please”. We knew back then it was just ‘The Warm Up‘ and he had a lot more to offer. Jay-Z recognized the talent behind that very song putting an enormous amount of faith in the Dreamville resident J. Cole, making him its first artist ever signed on Roc Nation. Jay then hit the road with his ‘Blueprint 3’ tour giving him a platform to let the world know “A Star is Born”, not only as an opening act on that 20 city run but today as well: January 28th.

Fast forward 6 years, 3 albums, a solidified spot as one of the best this generation has to offer and you’ll see the two of them sharing a stage once again in North Carolina. Only this time it wasn’t in Greensboro and it wasn’t a Jigga headlined tour. “Told my mama, I’d be back when I had a million sold” – Cole made good on that promise bringing ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive‘ to platinum status with no features. So, it was only right to end the album titled tour at home in Fayetteville and put on for his city in a way never before seen alongside the man it all started with, Jay-Z.

This time around though, it was different. The roles were reversed and Jermaine seemingly had the blueprint for success – quality music first and building the business around that. It paid dividends as the people responded with an unprecedented amount of love, enabling the Dreamville team to release a HBO Special earlier this month. Apparently, his gift just keeps giving as he announced via Twitter an exclusive ‘Forest Hills Drive Live‘ album in honor of this special day. His special day. *cues January 28th*

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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