It’s Lonely at the Top But Raury is “Neveralone”

Raury is a rare breed of artist. When the music is so personal you feel like it’s you behind the mic, there’s something special in what you’re hearing. Or knowing someone that has uttered those words.”I feel all alone” or “I don’t matter” – Raury speaks to those feeling that way in his latest track “Neveralone“.

It seems like he was wondering whether or not he should even put it out, being so personal and so intimate but that’s exactly why he knew he had to. Especially within the hip hop community, it’s deemed as uncool to speak on how you feel or ways to effectively work through your issues using words. But, that’s exactly what makes your artist…your favorite artist. You feel as if they are speaking for you.

Raury accomplished being that voice with this one. Check it out below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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