It's All in the Stars, Jenny McCarthy Breaks Down Finding your Best Lover & Soulmate Through Astrology

From Playboy Bunny to author, Jenny McCarthy has teamed up with Sabra Ricci to pen a new book about love and sex as it relates to astrology titled “Dirty, Sexy, Funny Astrology.”

From checking up on past lovers to finding new ones, the McCarthy and Ricci’s book explores the different connections we have with people and how their stars align with ours so to speak.

The duo take calls and discusses which signs are compatible with which from love to lust.  They also speak on the differences that  newspaper horoscopes have from the ones that are listed in the book.  Follow Jenny and Sabra on Twitter @JennyMcCarthy & @Mauichef and grab your copy of “Dirty, Sexy, Funny Astrology” on Amazon.

  1. DID IT SWAY…..I like whats shes doing keep it in the books boy…..
    it would of been pun I lost my cell….thank you jenny

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