Isaiah Washington Finally Clears the Air Regarding Why He Left Grey's Anatomy & Proclaims "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" + The Outspoken Patrik-Ian Polk Calls Hollywood Actor's Out on Their Saltiness

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Global Citizen, Isaiah Washington speaks on his concern in modern issue’s regarding the dangers of being an open homosexual. In 2005, he took on the role of gifted Surgeon, Dr.  Burke on the ABC hit drama-series: Grey’s Anatomy — which earned him two NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Actor and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Blackbird is his newest project. The film is set to release with Sister Mo’Nique and Directed by, Patrik-Ian Polk — who also created the revolutionary Noah’s Ark. Blackbird highlights a young singer who struggles with his sexuality. In turn, showcasing the treatment of others towards him while growing up in a small Southern Baptist community.

In speaking of the film and confronting Isaiah’s past controversial issue in the industry; Sway sits with Isaiah Washington and they recall back to an interview with Mo’Nique regarding their shared turbulence within their industry — she says,

” You know the one thing Isaiah said to Sydney and I was … mo’ keep pushing. Because the truth is always going to come out. It’s always going to come out … That whole thing with Isaiah, no one ever proved that Isaiah said anything. We just bought the story. “

She continues to say,

” When you watch him on the set and on the screen, you realize that man has a heart full of gold. Ain’t trying to hurt nobody. “

Furthermore, Patrik-Ian Polk completely releases his feelings on-air about the shade thrown at him and the project, by some of Hollywood’s major acts. It’s pure salt. You’ll want to watch this interview, as Patrik-Ian Polk opens up the conversation with some current chain of events that may irk you to your core. Watch below:

Check out the trailer for “Blackbird“, below:

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