Isaiah Rashad Reveals His Mother Cut His Hair to Release His Bad Energy, Then They Smoked a Blunt + Breaks Down Creative Process and Title of “The Sun’s Tirade & 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle!

Rap fans were gifted with a special treat in January of 2014 when Isaiah Rashad released his project “Cilvia Demo.” Packed with hits like “Ronnie Drake” and “Shot You Down,” the release helped push Rashad into the main circle of conversation within the TDE camp.

Since then Rashad has dropped loosie tracks and videos but another complete project has yet to be displayed until now. With his forthcoming album “The Sun’s Tirade” dropping on Friday, September 2nd, Rashad joined Sway in the Morning to talk about his recent work and battling with himself to find success once again.

Reminiscing on first meeting three years ago during a trip to Rap Fix, Sway and Rashad talk about how the Chattanooga music scene has evolved. Being stuck between the south and midwest, Rashad talks about raw, lyrical rap being put together in his hometown. When asked to label his own music he laughs and says he doesn’t like to limit himself.

Meeting Lady Gaga at FYF Festival Rashad jokes about things like that being “normal Kendrick shit.” Experiencing highs like that as of late the TDE signee also explains that things were rather dark in his world for a while. Going from his own place to the TDE couch on more than one occasion he says he felt helpless when he had to lean on friends that had been leaning on him. With talk that he was nearly kicked out of TDE floating around, Rashad said he simply pushed his luck until reality hit.

Pulling himself out of a hole he talks through his song “Rope” with Sway. “You either help yourself or hang yourself,” he says. With the ideas behind the track coming together rather quickly he transitions into his creative process. “I like the idea of Zay featuring Zay,” he says about re-visiting songs that he had started and came back to. Going rather free-form, simply feeling songs and sounds out he says he often sent tracks to Dave Free, Kendrick and Jay Rock to hear thoughts.

Sway urges Rashad to break down the title of the project to which the Chattanooga native reveals that the original title was “White Walls” in reference to moving into a new space. But with white walls comes wide bodied Caddy’s, something he didn’t want to be the focal point of his album art. Breaking things down to basics he says “The Sun’s Tirade” is in reference to working through a warm, uncomfortable day.

Before taking off Rashad steps up the mic to spit an off the dome 5 Fingers of Death freestyle and also reveals that his mother cut his long hair off a few months ago to get rid of his bad omens. After the process was done they smoked a blunt and called it a day. Watch above and make sure to grab a copy of “The Sun’s Tirade” on Friday!

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