Invest In The Film That Sway is Executive Producing: “If Not Now, When?”

Invest In The Film That Sway is Executive Producing: “If Not Now, When?”

Megan Good, Tamara Bass and Sway want to invite people to not only get in to the film business as an investor but support a project with substance; looking for you donations here.

See below for a message from the If Not Now, When? crew:

We finally did it! We took the plunge and leapt into the crowd-funding space to get our film “If Not Now, When?” made. It’s very important to us that “our” stories get out there and told in a way that truly represents us! So, this was the way we thought to do it.

“If Not Now, When?” tells the story of four women who first met in high school. Life, circumstances and choices has caused friction between a couple of them, but a crisis in the beginning forces them back together. Once reunited, they realize that the sisterhood that banded them together as teenagers is what is going to help them through the current state of their lives.

Now comes why we need you. The most important component of crowd-funding is the crowd!! We NEED your help spreading the word, so that we can reach our goal of $750,000. Even if you can’t donate, it would be great and mean the world to us if you could post the link on whatever social media you have and making people aware that we are out there. We have the faith that we can do this…we just need assistance! I have also included a short snippet of the video that is running on our campaign and well as the campaign card!

Donate and share here:

Campaign Card

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