Instagram Starts Testing A New “Archive” Option

Instagram Starts Testing A New “Archive” Option

Another day, another new update from the good folks over at Instagram. Always looking to keep us up to date and in tune with the latest in tech, Instagram is back with another update. Today the word on the e-streets is that Instagram Starts Testing A New “Archive” Option. This new option is only available to select users and creates a private space where users can view old posts that they no longer want to be public.

TechCrunch noted that “Now if Instagrammers want to hide a post that didn’t perform well, manicure the look of the top posts on their profile, banish posts featuring an ex-lover, or hide their creations for any other reason, the archive gives them the ability to bring them back from the dead later. It could be a boon to celebrities who want to take a break from social media but return eventually.” Interesting move to say the least, while also allowing IG to retain more monetizable content. Stay tuned for much more from Instagram coming very soon!

Photo provided by TechCrunch

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