Instagram 10.21 Now Features The Option To “Archive”

Instagram 10.21 Now Features The Option To “Archive”

You may have heard the news earlier this year of a new “Archive” feature coming to Instagram. Well, it is that time and on the social platforms latest update, Instagram 10.21, it has officially been rolled out. This new feature allows users to hide old posts without deleting them.

Simple and straightforward, simple go into the ellipses (…) menu on a photo and look for the new archive feature listed. This will then send the photo to a private gallery only you can see, while your followers will be notified when a post is archived. The archived photos can be returned to their proper position at any time. Check out the new feature on Instagram 10.21 and give us your thoughts. Stay tuned for more updates and upgrades coming soon.

Photo provided by Varin Rattanaburi

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