Inside Look Into The Yeezy Season One Screening

Inside Look Into The Yeezy Season One Screening

The negative 9 degree temperature couldn’t keep 50 select entrants from taking their seat inside a North Minneapolis’ movie theater on Thursday afternoon to see a live screening of Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 1 fashion show.  After debuting his Adidas sweatsuit along with the Yeezy Boost on Sunday during his Grammy performance of “Only One,” West took to his new website, Yeezy Supply on Wednesday to announce the worldwide live screening of his NYC fashion show.  With a list of 50 cities the tickets were appropriated through a RSVP draft process separated by screening location.


With a 3 pm CT start the doors of the theater were opened promptly at 2:30 pm to the tick of a countdown which filled the whole screen.

Kanye Countdown

There was a definite buzz filling the theater with people debating the adequacy between Adidas, Nike and Jordan Brand.   Over heard were things like, “I would pay a lot more for a sneaker Kanye designed Air Jordan.”  The buzz died down immediately as the countdown reached 1 minute, what once was a room filled with conversation was filled with silent excitement of what could come next.  The clock struck 0 and an advertisement began, showcasing all the design aspects of the Yeezy Boost.   The commercial kept playing, over and over, on a loop, for nearly 20 minutes due to a late start in New York.

Suddenly the screen went blank again as the live stream from NYC  began to play.  Watching the audience consisting of  Jay-Z, Beyonce, Diddy, Ana Wintour, Justin Bieber and of course Kim and North among many more entering into the dark venue, weaving their way through the various models placed throughout the floor.  Hearing hellos from various celebrities and staff of the venue it seemed as though we were placed in a balcony looking down on the assortment of artists, actors, designers and models.


“This is Yeezy Season 1. It’s bigger than who I am. I want people to feel like it’s okay to create. And not feel boxed in.”  Kanye’s voice finally filled the theater as the screen remained blank.  Explaining why he partnered with Adidas and the reasons behind this launch, Kanye continued to spill knowledge about artistry and fashion.

Finally the lights went on as a loud mysterious blast from a brass instrument played a constant note as the formation of models was revealed.  Each line of four models sported a new statement look from army green to nude tights and even what appeared to be a bullet proof vest.  Along with the Yeezy Boost sneaker there were also some other shoe designs that appeared to be a Low version of the Boost.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 7.37.00 PM

The short display of new Adidas fashion was wrapped up with a short cameo from Kanye who walked his way through the models and right back out of the venue, as he exited the screen turned black again displaying the following message.


There was a new found energy in the theater as “Wolves” began to play, an auto-tune heavy track with a ‘New Slaves’ like bassline featuring SIA and Chicago native Vic Mensa.  This track will be well worth the wait until it’s official release.  The screen went black once again as the track came to an end, another statement from Yeezus himself.

Below is the invitation packaging for the NYC show, the contents of the package was a quarter zip Adidas pullover.  These were given out to the first few entrants into the theater.
Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 8.27.29 PM

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