Inglewood’s Hidden Gem THURZ Drops “Runnin From Yo Love”

A hidden gem from Inglewood, THURZ releases “Runnin’ From Yo Love” earlier today.

The up-and-coming artist had this to say about the track,

“I am truly excited to constantly be progressing towards goals and having fun with a team that shares the same passion for music and culture. With me being “THURZ” and it being “Thurzday,” my excitement pushes me to purge my hard drive of music I’ve been holding onto. I’m starting the year off with giving my fans and supporters a few #DirtyDesigner remixes of songs off my Red Bull Sound Select project, Designer EP. The original version of this record was attached to the tail-end of “The Big Bang” and titled “Running From Your Love.” I received several requests to release a full version of this song with it being so short. As a creative, I hate being stale, so collaborator C. Watts and I remixed the entire song and added a few things.”

The wonderful Kent Jamz from Overdoz and Preston Harris are on the track too, so you can already imagine how smooth and chill it sounds.  Check it out below and show some love if you’re feeling it.  If you’re liking what you hear, head over to his Soundcloud for more good music.

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