iheartMemphis on SITM: Dropping out of College for music, Fetty Wap and Dej Loaf being big influences, and Doing Numbers like Future and Drake

We had the chance to sit down with “Hit The Quan” dance guru iheartMemphis.

In this interview, he speaks about coming from a family of hustlers and what it’s like to branch out of his family being 1 of 8 and even having a twin brother.

Topics such as his influences and the main reason he does what he does came up. Memphis says that he studied how artists such as Dej Load, Fetty Wap and OT Genesis got so big in such short time, so he took it and ran with it.

He also touched on the topic about it because possible for his hit song “Hit the Quan” doing big numbers like Future and Drake while still remaining an independent artist.

After performing a live rendition of “Hit The Quan”, iheartMemphis gave us a preview of his next hit “Lean and Dab” while getting Sway and the rest of the crew up to speed on how exactly the dances are done.

Check out the Interview below for more insightful facts about dance phenomenon iheartMemphis:



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