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Ice T and Coco Interview: Pregnancy News + Says Drake vs. Meek Isn’t a Real Battle Rap

One of the most notorious rappers of all time, Ice T is no stranger to battle rapping and diss records.  With Coco by his side, Ice T speaks on the current state of hip hop, claiming rap is now politically correct and there are no real battle raps being put on wax.

Along with speaking about rap and breaking down tracks that influenced “Colors” and “Boyz-In-The Hood,” Ice T and Coco speak on their new daytime talk show.  With the success of ‘Ice Loves Coco,’ the couple shares their excitement to start up a new project in a slightly different lane.

Ice and Coco also discuss what they do in their free time and share some baby news and reveal when more announcements will be made.  To cap things off Coco explains that breast implants need to be changed out every 10 years and also gives out booty growing secrets.  Check out the full video and stay tuned to both Ice and Coco on Twitter @FINALLEVEL & @cocosworld.

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