IAMSU! Breaks Down Lyrics and Recording Process of “Kilt 3” + Starting a Label with His Mom and Bay Area Success

Video by YSKSK Media

IAMSU! has been riding for the Bay Area for years now. The 26 year old is no stranger to hit records and his new album “Kilt 3” is full of them! Stopping by the Sway in the Morning studios the morning after its release, Su’s confidence and demeanor are on 10 as usual.

Su’s pride and passion go far beyond his music as he rattles off all the recent accomplishments that the Bay area has seen. From the NBA championship to his good friend Kehlani’s Grammy nomination it’s easy to see that IAMSU! is a hometown guy through and through.

Releasing “Kilt 3” through his new record label, Eyes On Me, IAMSU! speaks on his mom’s influence and how she has been and will continue to be by his side. With new business comes new responsibility and IAMSU! is ready to put in the work. Citing Platinum sales as his goal he speaks on learning to fill out all the necessary paperwork a label head needs to know. Still representing HBK, Su says that this recent move was necessary for him to be able to get his new music out to all the real fans out there.

Getting his creative juices flowing for the new project SU cites the soundtracks for “Scarface” and “Flash Gordon” as inspiration. With that sort of explanation Sway had to dig deeper into the recording process and the lyrics that followed. Breaking down “Game Time” we hear Su reveal that every situation is different when he’s writing songs. Sometimes writing out full songs and other times going into the booth with nothing in mind, Su’s process definitely seems to be work.

Su ends the interview by speaking on his musical influences. Starting with Snoop, Su rattles off Wayne, Kanye, Jay-Z as his favorite artists with Pharrell taking home the honor of favorite producer. Check out the full interview above and grab your copy of “Kilt 3” on iTunes.

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