Former head of Hurt Everybody, Supa Bwe, gave us a few minutes of his time and here’s what happened…

Former head of Hurt Everybody, Supa Bwe, gave us a few minutes of his time and here’s what happened…

It’s approximately 1am somewhere in Bedstuy.

Supa Bwe, Taylor Bennett, Stro and Morocco just finished tearing up the stage at NYC’s own SOBs.

After such an amazing show that night and a day full of press the following morning, it only made sense to party during that brief hiatus.

Fortunately, I was able to get some time with the brains behind the madness, Freddy, better known as Supa Bwe.

First things first. If there was ever any confusion about the correct pronunciation of his name (which, we’re more than sure there are), here it is.


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we found it necessary to go ahead and pick his brain just a bit regarding the upcoming presidential election, the disbursement of his camp, and his musical genius.

“F*ck, marry, Kill… Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Melania Trump. GO.”

“I’d marry Hillary because she’d forgive me for my mistakes. No offense to Barack, I would f*ck and marry and love and have a whole life with Michelle. She’s the ideal black woman. Like how you got grandma vibes but you so sexy? She’s like the Beyonce’ of politics. I’d def f*ck Melania too… Just for the sake of a Donald diss track *starts freestyling* ‘I don’t know what she was sayin’ tho/All I understood was f*ck Donald tho…'”

It’s apparent that the music he created is a combination of his raging, all-over-the-place personality and groovy beats that match. It’s complete chaos but in a good way.

Hailing straight from Chicago, Supa Bwe’s level of intelligence is something that you’d have to dissect to understand. While he exercises his lyrical ability very fluently in songs, his level of intellect in casual conversation gives us a deeper look into the meaning of his music.

“Everything keeps moving. I really don’t know what it is. I just can’t hold on to thoughts. Same thing with music. I think of, like, so many different types of sounds every day…”

As a self-proclaimed over-thinker, pessimist, and tactician, Freddy begins to go into detail about how suffering (or not really) from dyslexia along with the unrealistic expectations of his dad is what molded him into the artist his is now.

“…like I can only translate 2 or 3 of them (songs), the rest I will never think of again,” he says. “Production wise, it’s great but mixing wise, it sucks. I’ll be eq’ing the vocals and hear something in the snare and completely forget what I was doing with my vocals.”

Somehow, this conversation turned into all of the pressure that he faced as a kid from his dad. He says his dad always saw his potential even before he saw it himself. The “unrealistic expectations” placed on his by his father kind of helped mold him as a man.

As the discussion got deeper, I noticed how the brief explanation of his dad’s nature resonated so much with him and what happened during the break up of his camp, Hurt Everybody.

“The hardest part is holding back the ‘I Told You So’. I’m not the one to be on that petty sh*t. It may taste good or sound good- the I Told You So- but I just have to let things fall how they fall. I’m not gonna try to rub it in.”

Freddy was always the head honcho of the group. Being both the founder and the oldest, 26, of the group, he sort of adapted the same mentality as his dad except his kid was the group.

“Some people are just bad connections. Negative energy. Everybody f*cks up. I have all these expectations for myself but you can’t ever push them on to other people. I should’ve shown them more respect, but they need to grow up.”

Multiple disagreements led to the downfall of Hurt Everybody and the power of pride is preventing this group from being great. Hopefully everyone finds a common groud at least for the sake of the music (as “2K47 is definitely one of the hardest songs to ever come out of Chicago“) Until then, Freddy has ventured off into a new project…

“What’s 3 things you never leave your house without?”

 “My knife, my wallet, and my phone. You can go to jail for a gun, but you might get away with having a knife.”

In case you aren’t aware, Freddy’s new group “FIGHT ME” isn’t just one of his most commonly used phrases (that he REALLY means when he says it, btw), but it’s also the latest venture he’s been focusing his energy on.

Since all of his music is produced by himself from start to finish (meaning from the beat, to the hook, to the mixing) it’s easy for him to take that and turn into something new. As an artist, it’s a gift to be able to recreate yourself everyday as you evolve and that’s exactly what he’s been doing.

He’s such a compassionate guy. His family and his music definitely fuel the fire to his life.

“The most creative people suffer from some type of mental stipulation. I am an introvert. When you grow up in your head, it’s something that separates me from everyone else. I don’t rely on mf’s for shit or expect them to do what they say they’re going to do.”

And so he does it all himself. It was at this time that there was a bang on the door… It’s Taylor Bennet with backwoods and bottles.

Below is the link to Supa’s latest EP “Dead Again 3” so check out the vibrations of this man’s music:

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