Hurricane Patricia Crashes Ashore As The Largest Ever Recorded

Hurricane Patricia Crashes Ashore As The Largest Ever Recorded

Clocking in with winds over 165 mph, when Hurricane Patricia slammed into Mexico today it became the unfortunate record holder as the largest hurricane ever recorded. Topping 200 mph before finally hitting land, the Category 5 storm sent tourists and residents alike fleeing as it rolled straight into Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

Declaring an official state of emergency, Mexican officials have scrambled to prepare as landslides and fallen trees are already being reported. Those unable to evacuate have been stacking supplies as they bunker down to ride out the monster storm. Directly impacted are small fishing villages located less than 150 miles from Puerto Vallarta, who were hit with winds of 200 mph before the storm lost a small amount of steam.

President Enrique Peña Nieto sent a statement out via Social Media, tweeting:  “Hurricane Patricia is on the coast of Mexico. Do not go outside. Protect yourselves and follow instructions from Civil Protection. I am thinking of you all.

It’s unclear how the U.S. will be affected, though cities in Texas are already preparing for heavy rains and potential flooding. Additional forecast information can be found via the Weather Channel.

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