Hungry For More, R. Kelly Announces Upcoming 'Buffet' Album

Hungry For More, R. Kelly Announces Upcoming 'Buffet' Album

“I’ve been blessed to do this music for so long and I’ve got all different kinds of generations of fans now, I have to feed everybody. You got hip hop, you got old school step in the name of love music and then you have traditional R. Kelly sexual, sensual type music.”

There is probably not a better way to describe the direction and motivation behind the new R.Kelly album, ‘Buffet’ than that right thereThe Chicago music scene further extends its hot streak with the announcement from one of its most successful and loved R&B singers. When the album will surface? Hopefully late summer but no exact release date has been revealed just yet.

Are you excited about the new R. Kelly album? What is your all-time favorite from Kells? Hit us @SwaysUniverse with your Top 3 songs!

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