Hot Toys New Hulk, Thor, Batman & Iron Man Collectibles

Hot Toys New Hulk, Thor, Batman & Iron Man Collectibles

Yes, we all have our favorite superhero. For some it is The Hulk, others, Batman, some others, Thor and the list goes on. Well, the good folks over at Hot Toys are back at it, serving up some more of their exceptional details and rather dope designs. Today we get our first look at Hot Toys Unleash Their New Hulk, Thor, Batman & Iron Man Collectibles.

The designs were debuted at this year’s Hong Kong Anime Festival. Along the way we find The Hulk’s new gladiator look inspired by the World War Hulk comic series. Thor is found with his stand in weapon after losing Mjölnir, while Batman rocks some new tactical battle gear from the film Justice League. CHeck out the new collectibles in the images below and give us your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned for much more and get yours at Hot Toys immediately.

Photos provided by Hot Toys

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