Hopsin Interview: Without the White-Eyes, Hip-Hop Retirement + Message to the Public

Photo and video by Yinka Soda.

Funk Volume’s Hopsin may have retired, but he’s back and has no plans to quit anytime soon. Stopping by Sway in the Morning — without his white contacts — he opens up about his music, his alter ego + breaks down some lyrics.

And in case you haven’t heard, Hopsin’s “retirement” in Australia was a prank — a publicity stunt. He cleared the rumors and admitted he faked the funk just for fun. Plus, he opened up about being a multi-faceted artist — he edited one of his music videos!

There’s no excuse for success, Hopsin alludes. As a High School dropout, he proves that it doesn’t matter about your education level. If you want it bad enough — think outside the box, and you can make it too.

Hopsin’ message to the public. Pound Syndrom drops July 24th.

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