Hip Hop Kings De La Soul Drop “Royalty Capes”

Some groups need no introduction. Others only need to be simply introduced as legends or icons of hip hop. While both would be fitting here, it’s safe to say their name carries enough weight to give you a different sense of excitement behind pressing play. Longevity in music is no easy task but when it happens, there is no doubt about how special it really is to witness. De La Soul is back with new music AND coming with another album August 26th called ‘and the Anonymous Nobody‘.

How do you stay nice with a pen and mic for that long? Repetition and muscle memory? God-given talent or hunger to be the best and leave a legacy? Whatever it is, De La Soul has that and more as they showcase their skill in the new drop “Royalty Capes“…so amazing to be able to hear them still putting out music nearly 30 years later. Almost unheard of!

Check it out below;

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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