Hillary Clinton Says She Would Beat Husband Bill in an Election


Presidential campaigns are heating up as election time draws near but Hilary Clinton isn’t breaking a sweat.

The Democratic candidate stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and discussed all things 2016 including the anticipated role switch between her and Bill their second time around in the White House.

There are something’s that are unchangeable,” she joked about having control of the remote control. “That is too big of an issue for me to take on, I have to do world peace and get the economy going and take care of people.


Kimmel later probed the idea of both Clintons going head to head in an election where Hillary declared it a no brainer that she would win.

“If I were going to run against him, would I win,” she asked. “Yea!



Watch the clip above and let us know who you’re voting for in this upcoming election!



























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