Hill Harper is a Pill Popper! Plus Talks New Show “Limitless” Executive Produced by Bradley Cooper,

CBS’ new series “Limitless” starts tonight with much anticipation and at the forefront of this show is Hill Harper, a very smart man with degrees from both Brown and Harvard.  While the premise of the show extends from the Bradley Cooper starring film under the same title, Harper explains that the show is a whole new extension of what we’ve already seen on the big screen.

With Bradley Cooper executive producing the show we will see him in the first episode handing off the elusive pill to a new character.  This will definitely be a must watch and Harper is more than excited to be back on CBS where he spent 9 years on “CSI: NY.”

Adding to the excitement of the “Limitless” premiere, Harper describes all the positive aspects a pill that provides insight into everything we’ve ever experienced.  From finding a solution to world hunger to solving the global warming crisis, Harper believes that something of this nature is not far off.

We also hear Harper speak on the importance of eduction to be able to extend our options as well as his thoughts on the recent political debates and the antics that go along with them.  Check out the full interview and keep up with Hill Harper on Twitter @hillharper.

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