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Hilarious Marlon Wayans Talks New Movie ’50 Shades of Black’, Athletic Sperm and Adding a Comedy Category to Oscars

Tears. Real Tears. Marlon Wayans is one of the funniest, outrageous talents the world has ever seen – no questions asked.

It doesn’t matter how you got introduced to his over the top, no punches pulled humor spanning over the last 20+ years – you know what to expect any and every time you see his name show up. Non-stop laughter. Do you realize how hard it is to last this long and STILL have people crying laughing at almost every word that comes out of your mouth? It’s truly a gift, one that has been display throughout every transition – going from In Living Color to Don’t Be a Menace to the Wayans Bros to Scary Movie and most recently 50 Shades of Black.

As the latter nears its theater release this Friday (January 29th) we got an entertaining visit from Marlon to hear more about the film also featuring Mike Epps, Affion Crockett and King Bach. It’s dope that he is seeking out young talent like King Bach and Jenny Zigrino to give them a platform to grow this early on in their career. As he put it, he’s out here like the Warriors just trying to help get everyone triple doubles. Respect.

As an added bonus he is hitting the road to touch the people and give them that original “stand-up funny” – check out the dates ASAP, he may just be in your city next month. Enjoy the hilarious interview below and be sure to catch 50 Shades of Black this weekend!


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