Hilarious 'Inside the NBA' Crew Lip Sync Battle Following Rockets Win Over Clippers in Game 2

Hilarious 'Inside the NBA' Crew Lip Sync Battle Following Rockets Win Over Clippers in Game 2

For weeks we have heard about the possibility of a lip sync battle between the hilarious crew members from Inside the NBA consisting of: Charles Barkley, Shaq, Kenny “The Jet” Smith and Ernie Johnson. It almost seemed too good to be true but tonight after an incredible showdown between the Clippers and Rockets (Houston winning 115-109), we got a chance to witness it firsthand. Yes, it was as entertaining as you would imagine.

Kenny “The Jet” Smith comes out with a red Adidas jumpsuit complete with a bucket hat and a B-Boy stance as he jumps right into a few hip hop classics. Inspired by the entire era, he pulls out the Kangol and gold chains to get his LL Cool J going. He simply put the competition to rest by ending the set with Slick Rick “Bedtime Story”. So dope. #VoteKenny

Barbecue Chicken. Everytime you are tuned into Inside the NBA after a heated matchup, it is the phrase you are hoping to hear from Shaq Diesel. Makes perfect sense why he came dressed as such for the lip sync battle, expecting to turn Kenny, Charles and Ernie into just that. It only took a few costume malfunctions before the entire staff was in tears during his performance. #VoteShaq

Charles Barkley came out real smooth channeling his inner Bruno Mars for a Chuck remix to “Uptown Funk”. The mental picture alone of him rocking the pink blazer & shades would make you laugh but he takes it a step further during the performance. Check it out below before we spoil the surprise. #VoteChuck

Last but not least was Ernie Johnson and he shocked everyone with what he created thanks to some help from a few friends you may have heard of once or twice. The Beatles. One of the most successful groups of all-time or EJ? You will have to do a double take throughout just to make sure you aren’t watching a Beatles music video…or are you? #VoteEJ

Bonus Laughs: Watch as Kenny and Shaq attempt to race to the board as usual, until the big man takes a fall!

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