Here’s a Quick Re-Cap of What You Might’ve Miss this Thanksgiving Weekend (Music Heads, This Article is For You): No Ceilings 2, But You Cain’t Use My Phone,

Here’s a Quick Re-Cap of What You Might’ve Miss this Thanksgiving Weekend (Music Heads, This Article is For You): No Ceilings 2, But You Cain’t Use My Phone,

Okay so based on the lengthy title, you guys can probably tell that this past weekend was monumental for music.

First of all, Happy Holiday’s to you and yours. We hope Thanksgiving was mad real for you guys…

Now for the real news. Not only did Black Friday send shoppers into a frenzy, it also sent the world of Hip-Hop and Pop Culture into a form of chaos of it’s own…but in a good way.

Some of the most highly anticipated music projects of the year were released this past Friday. We even received a few greatly appreciated surprises from some of our favorite artists.

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First up on the roster is Fabolous with the release of  a teaser mixtape Summertime Shootout. It’s been almost over a year since the release of the first volume 1 of The Young OG Project and we’re pretty sure all Fab fans are excited.  The mixtape dropped the day before Thanksgiving and we’re know it’ll keep you guys occupied until YOGP2 drops. You can stream Summertime Shootout here.

Don’t forget “The Young OG Project 2” is projected to release on Christmas Day.


Next up on the list is a release from Trey Songz. Just like the rest of us, Trigga must be feeling the affects of the holiday blues considering the tracks feature on the project are a bit more dark and personal compared to the baby making club banging tracks we’re use to. The DJ Drama hosted mixtape, To Whom it May Concern, was released on November 28th. Take a listen here.


Here is where things get a tad bit more juicy. Aside from all of the relationship quarrels and lawsuits, Wayne decided to resort to what he does best, taking the hit songs of the year and making them his own. The second volume of Wayne’s most prestigious mixtape to date, No Ceilings, dropped on Black Friday. Fans have been comparing and we’re curious to know which one tops the other. Check it out here and tell us how you’re feeling.


Erykah Badu held her word and gave us a gem with her new mixtape But You Cain’t Use My Phone, just as she promised. The features of the album, though not many, make this project even more amazing. The “Hotline Bling” themed mixtape is definitely something worth listening to, especially if you’re a fan of Queen Erykah. Spoiler alert: Andre 3000 and Drake verses are present so open your ears, forreal. Unfortunately, all streaming avenues of the mixtape was removed but they’re available on Apple Music and iTunes.


And now for probably 2 of the most unheard of but much needed remixes of the year: J.Cole’s version of K.Dot’s “Alright” which is here, and K.Dot’s version of J. Cole’s “A Tale of Two Cities”, which is here. Both artists titled their project “Black Friday” and we’re pretty sure it’s because they know it would make our community go CRAZY. Considering the artwork is the same for both tracks and that they were released at the exact same time, this only leads us to ask one question, is that collab we’ve longed for REALLY about to happen?

So just like we mentioned earlier, HipHop was poppin’ this past weekend. Make sure to catch up because there are many more projects to be released before the year is out.


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