Henry Winkler Tells All: Eating Dirt and Telling William Shatner to F**k Off While Filming “Better Late Than Never”

Henry Winkler Tells All: Eating Dirt and Telling William Shatner to F**k Off While Filming “Better Late Than Never”
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Henry Winkler has run a few laps around Hollywood since his role as Fonzie on “Happy Days.” Producing and starring in countless other hits he’s back in the spotlight with his new show “Better Late Than Never.” Airing Tuesday nights at 10/9 CT on NBC, the show finds Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, William Shatner, George Foreman and Jeff Dye traveling through Asia eating crazy foods and embracing being far from home.

Joking about the series Winkler says playfully he told William Shatner to “f**k off” after bring urged to eat cow penis soup. While he didn’t agree to eating animal privates he was prepared salad dressing, ice cream and steak sauce made from dirt by a Michelin Star chef. Hesitant to join the cast at first Winkler tells Sway and the crew that although the places he visited were “oppressively hot,” he’s incredibly glad he went on the adventure of his life with four new friends.

After pleading listeners to watch his show and DVR Sway’s new BET series “One Shot” which runs at the same time Winkler opens up about getting his first shot in the business from the late Garry Marshall. After being told he wasn’t right for the part before he even sat down, the crew shaved his unibrow, gave him some new clothes and walked him in again to audition for Fonzie. This time Marshall saw he genius and added him on board. Saying he wouldn’t be in the chair next to Sway if it wasn’t for Marshall, Winkler says he owes his whole career to the “Happy Days” producer.

Transitioning from story to story Winkler tells Sway about selling Sylvester Stallone’s original “Rocky” script to ABC then taking it back when he heard they were going to re-write the script. Consulting with Stallone they went back to the drawing board and sold it to the movie studio to make right away.

From Stallone to Eminem, Winkler reveals that his daughter’s voicemail saying bad things about the Shade 45 boss made it on his original album. Going full circle, Winkler and his son met Mathers on the set of SNL shortly after. Not seeing eye to eye with his daughter Winkler told Em that he loved what he was doing and that he would one day ultimately rise above all the hate he was receiving, something that definitely came true.

Watch above and catch “Better Late Than Never” on Tuesday nights on NBC. You can keep up with Winkler’s killer stories on Twitter @hwinkler4real.

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