Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Open Up About Post-Reality TV Checks, Plastic Surgery & Baby-talk

Have you been wondering where MTV reality stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been? Well, ever since their reality television hustle, the two have been in and out of the lime light — whether it was for good reason or not, Heidi and Spencer are the most well-known reality T.V. couple to-date.

The two finally come full circle with fellow MTV-alumn’s, Sway and Heather B.

The last we heard of them, Heidi Montag was very vocal about her passion to have kids sooner rather than later, and though her 8-year deep Husband, Spencer Pratt hasn’t exactly been in a huge rush to get on diaper duty — on the bright side, he has at least thought about it. Low and behold, he revealed on Sway In The Morning that he’s already got a silly name picked out for their future little mini. Heidi didn’t seem to ecstatic about the name as Spencer said to Sway,

“I want it if, not ‘if’  (pausing to correct himself) — WHEN, because it’s gotta be ‘when’ now… When we have kids, I’m going for the names ‘Speidi’ if it’s a boy or girl. It’s the brand. Speidi Pratt.”

From baby talk to the hustle Spencer had to strategically plan to make the checks keep coming from reality television — the two came together as one to explain divorce rumors, the danger in all of the plastic surgery that Heidi endured and the ego trips that accompanied their stardom. Watch the interview in full as they clear it all out with Sway, Heather B. & Tracy G:

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