Heather B

Heather B

  1. I love Heather B she is so real she reminds me of my aunt. Sway I love your show you always keep it 100% and I like how your show makes people feel at home y’all remind me of my family. I was born in Oakland CA but I live in Arizona now. Thank you guys for encouraging the youth and being so supportive. You guys don’t judge people we need more people like you guys.

  2. Yo heard the word…..Sway universe Heather B most be happy….looking forward to hearing more recipes and her humor

  3. GOOD MORNING…..I WOKE UP THIS MORNING THINKING… I was wondering if its been harder for you to be pre-pared because of the universe or has it all was been the way we see it on the video…..im used to having a car with xm in it, now im watching you on the tube as well as listing….thank you

  4. I kno this anit that spot to twitter but I just heard you on shade 45 and Crown Royle apple and what im having a friend over today visiting maybe il get this formula please thank you

  5. I always like to hear what Heather B got to say especially things that be really going on she’s real just like this group right hereYou also really need to check out this group called MME I’m telling you one of the dopest groups coming out the STL their creativity got their own style and one of the best upcoming producers if you ask me this is one of their videos they should be on yo guys next A&R room remember how the fugees and outkast were when they came out same here just google or YouTube or soundcloud MME ps://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=2bxosoRMVEQ

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